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I hereby commit myself with immediate effect to refrain from taking short-haul flights up to 1,000 km (equivalent to about 12 hours train journey) for the purposes of business-related travel.

Moreover, in order to make business travel more climate-friendly overall, I call on the federal government of my country to adapt the pertinent legislation (e.g. the Federal Travel Expenses Act) so that greenhouse gas emissions are taken into account in the selection of the means of transportation for business-related travel. Financial compensation for CO2-emissions caused by long-haul flights should be eligible for reimbursement.

I call upon my scientific institution to support me in climate-friendly travel for business trips by providing the appropriate means and internal regulations.

All persons who serve at scientific institutions in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland are encouraged to sign, if they engage in travel within their country or abroad as part of their work.

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Unter 1000 mach ich's nicht

Diese Selbstverpflichtung ist nun geschlossen. This commitment is now closed.

End date: Oct 01, 2020

Signatures collected: 4141

4,141 signatures

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4,141 Holger Foysi Universität Siegen Strömungsmechanik
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4,138 Klaus Rettinghaus 04299 Leipzig
4,137 Fred Meier Technische Universität Berlin Institut für Ökologie / Fachgebiet Klimatologie
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4,135 Martin Müller University of Lausanne IGD
4,134 Nils Carqueville Mathematical Physics University of Vienna
4,133 Paula Ruppert Universität Duisburg-Essen imobis
4,132 Anjana Buckow Fördereinrichtung Programmdirektorin
4,131 Alexander Schenk Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Fraunhofer IWES (Windenergie)
4,130 Sarah Bolz TU Dresden BIOTEC
4,129 Christopher Zenk FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg Werkstoffwissenschaft
4,128 Yvonne Beerenbrock 58313 Herdecke
4,127 Bettina Berger Universität Witten/Herdecke Integrative Medizin
4,126 Annika Kroning Information Services Group Germany GmbH IT Consultant
4,125 Regula Keller ZHAW Wädenswil Umwelt-Naturwissenschaften
4,124 Raoul Pascal Pein Universität Hamburg Informatik
4,123 Marcus Schröter Hochschule Bochum Logistik
4,122 Falko Ueckerdt Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research team leader
4,121 Melanie Kaasinen Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Astronomer
4,120 Ulrich Schörken TH Köln Green Chemistry
4,119 Ulli Weisz University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Social Ecology
4,118 Arkadiusz Frydyada de Piotrowski 48249 Dülmen
4,117 Connor Fitzgerald 26129 Uni Oldenburg