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Voluntary commitment to refrain from short-haul business flights “I won’t do it under 1,000 km”

I won’t do it under 1,000 km – let us scientists  set an example for climate protection! (Deadline 23.04., next big climate strike is 24.04.2020)

You no longer want to wait for effective climate protection measures “from above”, but want to start by changing yourself?

The voluntary decision not to take short-haul official flights is – similar to reducing meat consumption – one of the climate-relevant measures that can be implemented immediately and relatively easily by everyone.

Would you like to set an example as a scientist? Then sign a self-commitment to refrain from taking short-haul business flights here!

We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions about the campaign and a list of good examples of how universities and colleges supporting climate-friendly mobility can also be found here. Ask the management of your university/scientific institution about the relevant regulations.

Would you also like to commit yourself as a private person to relinquish taking short-haul flights? Or do you know employees from companies who are willing to take this step? This can be done at